About Unhinged


Bringing the Funny

Co-Hosts of the The Mangina Dialogues podcast Comedy DJ TheGregalicious and Stand-Up comedian, Nick Scopoletti along with 2/3 of The Sit Down Boys, Beau McDowell and Cody Marino host hilarious weekly comedy shows across Fairfield County, CT.  Come get uneducated, unfiltered and unhinged with us.  It's gangster AND silly. Keep an eye on the event page for dates and locations.


Nick Scopoletti

Maybe you are looking for a mumbling entertainer for a kids birthday party. Or maybe you are looking for an emcee for your next swingers bash in the suburbs. @nickscopes is your (funny) guy.  .His high-energy interactive entertainment is sure to bring — not just fun — but antibiotics and experience to the party.  Safety 3rd.



He is an eccentric, buoyant, tequila and craft beer drinking belly dancer, gallivanter, procrastinator & wordsmith.  Crafting his DJ skillz at frat parties while attending college in Boston, MA he holds the intramural collegiate record in the short jump. Bi-Coastal Professional eater, self-made multi thousandaire and one of the only people in the world who knows exactly how much “stuff” is contained in an Oreo cookie.


Beau McDowell

The originator of the "sit down" currently taking the comedy world by storm, and sleeping his way, all the way to the middle.   Don't let this gentle giant fool you.  He is a killer and spits fire all over the place.  Lock up your daughters, lock up your wives...


Cody Marino

Born in 1990, Cody is the product of a Gypsy Mother and a Satanist Father who as legend has it, birthed him at Popeyes.

Chuckling out of Norwalk, Connecticut, you can find Marino performing in bars and comedy clubs across CT and NY. Stylistically a love child between edgy, self-deprecating and straight-up silly, Cody delivers haymakers with quick wit and average at best energy.